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HIV infection in children- the Swedish situation
Dr. Lars Navér

Today 165 children with an HIV infection are living in Sweden and 5-10 new cases are diagnosed every year.  Dr Lars Navér summaries the Swedish situation and experience regarding HIV infection in children.  Mother to child transmission and the recommendation for pregnancy and delivery in HIV positive women is also covered.

Explaining HIV to children and their parents
Dr. Lars Navér

How do you explain and educate both newly diagnosed HIV infected children and their parents in HIV? To start with - Keep it simple! Dr Lars Navér shares his experience and shows how it can be done in practice.

HIV drug treatment duration; a cohort study on InfCareHIV 2009-2014
Dr. Stefan Lindbäck

 As HIV infection needs a lifelong treatment, studying drug therapy duration and factors influencing treatment durability is crucial. In this video Sr Medical Advisor Stefan Lindbäck summarises a recent study publication on HIV treatment duration time using real world nationwide data from the Swedish database InfCareHIV.

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